Fujitsu Now In Talks With Toshiba

It looks like progress has been made in the long running issue as to exactly who it is that is going to buy Fujitsu's hard disk drive business.

It is now being reported that in a move designed to cut costs and increase market share, Toshiba seem to be braced to take over Fujitsu's hard disk drive storage division.

According to reports no figure has been reached but the debt heavy Toshiba are facing difficulties in a falling market for their chip business, however, as the only hard disk manufacturer currently focusing their efforts solely in the arena of laptop hard drives and small form factor devices, including their solid state interests, analysts predict that Toshiba may be more able to weather the storm than other, larger, rivals such as Seagate and WD who's main interest is the desktop storage market. Sales of desktop hard disk drives are currently struggling at the hands of portable devices, including the slew of Netbooks that are flooding the market.

Any deal is likely to be penned by the middle of the year.

Fujitsu are also planning the sale of their platter media business, again this should be complete by June time.

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