Goodbye To All That - The Floppy Disk Is No More!

Sony, who are the largest producers of the 3.5" floppy disk, have announced that from March 2011 they will no longer produce the once staple storage media of every office and home in the UK. The floppy disk has probably proved to be one of the most long lasting and durable of all forms of storage media since its launch by IBM in 1971.

Originally 8 inches in size they were bulky and held just 80KB of data - just a few small word documents by todays storage standards. Since those days the design and size have moved in opposite directions to the 3.5" sized version which is in use today which can store 1.44MB of files / data.

Due to the huge popularity and growth of flash based storage media the time has come for this relic of a bygone age to disappear with Sony announcing that production will cease with effect from March next year. The justification for this is that demand for the disk has fallen by three quarters in 7 years. At the mid point in the 90's some 5 billion of them were in use throughout the world and they remain popular in Japan - Sony Corporations home country.

The writing, as it were, has been on the cards from considerable time with Dell deciding in 2003 to cease selling machines with a floppy diskette slot in and 3 years ago PC World stopped selling the disks altogether. Now it appears that these will disappear forever within the next couple of years. No more will the backing up of programme and other data take half and hour at the end of the working day as employees back up critical data to several floppy disks! Now they can store backups either online or to portable USB memory sticks.

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