Happy New Year

TRC Data Recovery would like to wish all our site visitors a very Happy New Year.

2009 is almost here and it could be a difficult time for many businesses, but rest assured TRC Data Recovery Ltd will be here to help keep you on track with any data loss situations you may encounter.

In 2008 TRC set ourselves some very challenging goals, from upscaling our workshop laboratory facility, completely redesigning our website, taking on 5 new staff in our laboratory and sales team, to achieving an incredibly impressive ISO 3 certificate for our efforts in designing and building a new kind of anti-static clean air environment.

2009 will be a busy year for TRC, whilst constantly striving to provide you with the best recovery solutions, the best service and most competitive prices on the market, TRC will also be expanding, in the New Year look forward to:

Further improvements to the navigation, usability and relevance of our websiteA new Customer Update System and Customer PortalPositions for 2 new engineers and 3 sales staffNew technology allowing for unique on-site diagnosis and data recoveryA new Greater London based ISO 3 laboratory facility

To name but a few of the ways in which we intend to better serve our customer and reseller base.To those customers and resellers that have helped us to achieve such great success in 2008 we offer our sincere thanks - please look forward to new deals and offers for all of our repeat customers in 2009.

To all a very Happy 2009!

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