Help! MY Computer Is Making Clicking Noises!

Here at TRC Data Recovery, London we often have customers phoning up to tell us that their computer is making a loud clicking noise when they are using it, the computer will not allow them to access any of their files or documents and although they have bought and tried various recovery programs the computer will still not work as it used to.

Sadly we are unable to tell them it’s all okay – loud clicking noises are a strong indicator that your computer is having some kind of a hard drive failure, it is therefore very important that the faulty component is indentified and replaced as a matter of urgency. Sadly this can not be done in your front room, due to the high sensitivity of your computer it needs to be done in a clean environment, ideally by experts.

 If you do decide to do the hard drive recovery yourself you need to be very careful that you do NOT get any dust particles between the platter and the read / write head or this could result in a head crash and that would result in further data recovery.

We highly recommend that you are wary when using disk checking or repair software, these programs look for a logical problem rather than a mechanical problem. This means the programs will not solve the problem but could in fact make the problem a lot worse.

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