High Hard Drive Pricing Set To Stay

According to US based storage reporters Coughlin Associates, the recent hard drive pricing inflation that has been experienced as a result of the Thailand floods in 2011 may be here to stay for longer than was first thought.

Western Digital (the hard disk manufacturer most heavily affected by the floodings) have claimed that they should be operating at normal levels by September of this year.  Many others involved with the industry also expect that by the end of the year things will have reached the kind of levels that we have been used to over the last few years prior to the Thailand issues.

Coughlin Associates have reported that the effect of inflated storage prices could actually exist well into and possibly throughout 2014.  Coughlin Associates suspect that the costs associated with the clean up and relocation will be reflected for some time to come and will continue beyond this as the drive manufacturers invest heavily in future storage technologies due to a recent slow down in the increase of areal densities within hard disk drives.

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