Intel X25-M Hands On Testing

Intel's new solid state drive has finally hit the TRC Data Recovery laboratory floor, based upon the limited time we have had the device we have been able to make a number of observations.

The hard drive we have acquired is the 2.5" 80 GB model although there are also 1.8" offerings (the X18-M) we went for a more standard configuration as the device was intended to replace a standard Western Digital 2.5" drive in one of our testbed notebook computers.

The X25-M is the same standardised form factor as comparable hard disk drive products, the device also features a Serial ATA (SATA II) interface with Native Command Queuing (NCQ), but this is really where the similarity ends.

Unlike competing hard disk drive products the X25-M offers instant data access, no spin up time, lower seek times and excellent read and write performance. It is also completely silent due to the fact that it does not contain any moving parts.

We managed to measure read performance at a mean average of 135 MB/s and write speeds of close to 75 MB/s from the hard drive using proprietary tools which rates them extremely favorably when compared to even the fastest 7200 RPM notebook hard drives. The average response time from the device was also extremely impressive with an average of 0.2 ms.

Internally the device contains 10 TSOP 48 pin NAND Flash chips produced by Intel themselves.

A 160 GB version of the device is in the pipeline and should be available soon.

TRC Data Recovery are currently working on recovery solutions for failed SSD hard disk drives based upon a number of accelerated life tests and engineered failure situations. We expect to offer a full recovery service for Intel SSD drives by the new year.

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