Internet TV - Licence Fee Could Become Law

Users of online TV could find themselves having to pay the Licence fee with effect from next year. At present if you do not own a TV you can still watchy BBC's iPlayer service without the need for a TV licence. However under new plans being considered this could all change from next year.

The new Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has indicated that this loophole or exemption, however you wish to phrase it, could be ended forcing many to stump up £145.50 the present levy of a TV licence. A planned discussion between the BBC and the government is due to take place as part of the overall review of BBC funding which occurs every 5 years.

The BBC via their head of technology have expressed concerns that more and more people are ditching their TV sets thus removing the requirement to pay the TV licence and simply watching programmes online via their laptop or desktop pc. Recent surveys undertaken by the BBC have revealed that up to 40% of University Students use their laptop as their method of watching TV.

One thing that has been ruled out however is the introduction of all capture fee for people who own a PC. Mr Hunt said "We are not going to introduce a PC Licence fee. That is is something (about which) I do need to have discussions with the BBC to see what their ideas are."

11 Years, 11 Months, 6 Hours, 5 Minutes ago.
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