Iomega's MacBook Air Themed External Hard Drive

You could be forgiven for thinking that Apple had released a portable extension to the MacBook Air's internal storage - however this particular device originates not from Apple but from Iomega.

The Iomega eGo portable hard drive borrows more than a handful of design features from Apple's diminutive MacBook Air portable notebook computer. However, imitation rarely leads to a product of the same quality - particularly not within the storage industry, where low prices often rule over longevity or resilience of a product.

This is not to say that eGo is not well built - it just doesn't feel like quite as polished a product as the MacBook Air that it is so dearly attempting to emulate.The eGo Helium is currently only offered in a Silver plastic and a capacity of 320GB. The eGo also sports a fast USB 2.0 interface, now the norm for both PC and Mac storage.

The drive also arrives pre-formatted for the Mac with HFS+, which makes for an extremely unusual feature in any modern external drive. The Iomega eGo can also be used with Microsoft Windows, however, this will require the device being formatted first, the device is also compatible with Linux and other modern operating systems that support USB mass storage devices.

The price, at least in the UK, including VAT, is £99.99. This means that it is certainly not a cheap storage solution.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd offer external hard drive data recovery from all currently shipping external devices. Reliability of the eGo has not yet been determined, should any issues be found, you'll here it here first.

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