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TRC Data Recovery are pleased to announce that we have increased our data recovery skillbase with perhaps one of the most difficult forms of data recovery that we have added to date, iPhone Data Recovery.

TRC engineers have spent the past 3 weeks developing a solution for the recovery of lost data from Apple's iPhone mobile communications device that encompasses Windows formatted devices and Macintosh formatted iPhones.

Whilst this may seem like a rather insignificant announcement, TRC engineers have managed to do what techies the world over have been trying to do since the release of the device:

Recover lost data from an Apple iPhone without affecting the handset's warranty or having to use methods frowned upon by Apple.

TRC Data Recovery's iPhone Recovery service is possible without the loss of existing data and without having to Jailbreak or Pwn the device - our service is truly revolutionary.

Engineer Paul Tomlinson states:

"Following a three week intensive research and development project targetted at finding a solution to data retrieval from Apple's mobile telecommunications device, the iPhone, TRC have finally cracked and perfected the recovery process with a proprietary Unix based data recovery tool. We can now successfully recover lost data from any iPhone device, from the original first generation or 2.5G devices through to the latest 3G handsets, TRC can recover all manner of lost data from the devices. We can now recover lost photos, music, emails, SMS messages, contacts, calendar events and more. We are the first UK based data recovery company to service this niche market, and we are very proud of our achievements!"

The Apple iPhone like the Macintosh OS is based upon BSD Unix, it was only a matter of time before our in-house Unix Data Recovery experts were able to crack this particular problem.

If you have experienced data loss from an Apple iPhone contact TRC Data Recovery now by calling 0800 955 3282 or use our contact form and we will call you back.

TRC Data Recovery can also recover data from corrupt iPhone backup files on both the Microsoft Windows OS and the Mac OS X OS.

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