Is Toshiba Offering Less Or More?

Toshiba have increased their 5400 RPM, 2.5", SATA hard disk drive's maximum storage capacity to 400GB with the release of their 58th, yes 58th generation of notebook form factor hard disk drive. The headlining drive is the MK4058GSX.

Whilst some rivals are squeezing 500GB out of their latest offerings Toshiba does have something of note to shout about. Competing hard disk drives in the 2.5" mobile hard drive market from Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Seagate offer 500GB worth of storage, the difference is that they require three platters to achieve this.

Whilst these manufacturer are only achieving 167GB per platter, Toshiba achieves the feat of squeezing 200GB into the same 2.5" platter, this can make data recovery simpler but more importantly means that if Toshiba decide to follow the three platter trend that they could be offering 600GB capacity devices as soon as they desire.Benefits of introducing the smaller capacity MK4058GSX device include:

Lower overall weight
Less pressure on the motor spindle
near silent seek operations

Other 2.5" drives currently offered by Toshiba include:


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