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Following the successful recovery of his lost data from a USB Memory Stick Sir Alex Markham, had the following to say about our services:

(taken with full permission from an email recommendation to Leeds University)

I have just spoken to Mark Syme at TRC. They have managed to recover the data.

I have to say that they gave me superb service. I actually took my “Memory Stick” down to Sheffield myself and met their Customer Service Manager, Mark Syme. The TRC team appear to have one of the best equipped facilities for data recovery in the UK—perhaps the best. We are fortunate to have them on the doorstep.

I would certainly recommend strongly that the University of Leeds places them on its “Preferred Supplier” list. TRC already has that status with several other major universities.

I have agreed that they can place this letter of recommendation from me on their website, as a personal testimonial. I have also told them that I don’t think they charge anything like enough for their outstanding services!!

All best wishes and thanks for putting me in touch with TRC.Alex.

Sir Alex Markham
Professor of Medicine
University of Leeds.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd offer USB Memory Stick recovery services with special discounted rates for university staff and students.

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