Lenovo Secure Storage Device

Laptop manufacturer Lenovo has introduced a new secure portable hard drive for use with their ThinkPad range of notebooks and aimed at business users.  The drive is designed as a safe way of storing your ThinkPad's valuable data.

The hard drive comes in two variants, a 160 GB and a 320GB version both with high speed USB 2.0 interface, the same interface that provides the hard drive with power. In this particular device the USB cable is integrated, solving a common issue amongst portable hard disk owners that separate cables are easily lost or misplaced.

Security is provided by real time, on the fly, AES 128 encryption. Dedicated controllers provide this on the fly solution, so there are no longer any lag times, traditionally associated with software based encryption solutions which can put a heavy load on the main system processor.

Unlike competing secure solutions, Lenovo have included a mini keypad on the device itself, this keypad allows the entry of numerical access codes. The keypad entry system also enables the setting of 10 user accounts and one administrator account, information is skant, at present we are not sure to what degree user level permissions can be utilised, but expect each user's data to be inaccessible to other users.  It is likely that the administrator account will have superuser type device access.

The external hard drive is not the most attractive of devices on the market, but is functionally unique.

The product is set for release later this month (November 2008), TRC will of course be looking into the recoverability of the data from this device as soon as it is available.

TRC Data Recovery provide data recovery services for all Lenovo computer equipment, with a UK wide collection and return service. For more information, contact us.

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