Logicube OmniSAS

Logicube a manufacturer of hard disk duplicators used in computer forensics and occasionally data recovery have released a new product for copying Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives as well as parallel SCSI, SATA and IDE drives*. The product is called the OmniSAS and is available immediately from Logicube resellers worldwide.

Logicube has long been respected as a leading provider of hard disk duplication hardware, this latest iteration provides high speed data cloning abilities, of a kind only possible with dedicated hardware as well as Logicube's trademarked WipeOut ™ option which can erase hard disk drive data up to the US DoD specification with options of 1, 3 or 7 passes.

Hard drive duplication allows for cloning of 1 source drive to up to 5 targets, which can prove useful when rolling out updates or cloning from a master image for the rollout of images over multiple systems.

When cloning SAS drives cloning speeds can reach up to 5GB/min which, needless to say, is extremely fast. Such speeds will not be achievable with standard SCSI, SATA or IDE hard drives due to limitations of their data bus'.

*SCSI and IDE support is only available as an option and is not delivered with the standard version of the product.

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