Mac OS Snow Leopard Is Announced

Apple Inc. have announced at the World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) 2008, the latest version of their Macintosh OS X operating system software. Code named Snow Leopard the software is described as a set of performance enhancements over 10.5 Leopard rather than a completely new operating system. The version has been stated by many sites as OS 10.6, this has as yet, not been confirmed by Apple.

The new offering will target multi-core CPUs and extremely high memory support up to 16TB. There are also other under the hood improvements like OpenCL, (Open Computing Language) which harnesses the power of the computer's GPU to improve the overall system performance. Quicktime will become Quicktime X, which promises to be a major upgrade to Apple Inc's media playing software. Safari will also see speed and performance improvements.

Compatibility with Enterprise solutions such as Exchange from Microsoft are expected to be improved, mirroring the recent developments with the iPhone version 2.0 firmware, these should incorporate Mail, iCal and Address Book.

The OS will come in two versions as has come to be expected with recent releases; a desktop and a server version, there is further indication that at least the Server version will have support for Sun Microsystem's ZFS file system, a highly efficient and advanced 128 bit file system.

There is also evidence to suggest that this iteration of Apple's operating system will drop support for the PowerPC processor altogether, leaving only support for the latest generation of Macintosh systems with Intel processors, however it is unclear whether this will be added later.

The release of the next update to Mac OS X should arrive with us in about a years time. In the time preceding the release; TRC Data Recovery will be keeping track of development with the developer's build and ensuring that our data recovery solutions support the OS in time for release.

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