More Lost Data In The UK

Call details from almost a million emergency telephone calls made to the Scottish Ambulance Service have been lost en-route to Manchester based MIS Emergency Services Ltd, by the firm carrying an external hard drive containing the important data.

The hard disk contained confidential records dating back to February 2006.

Courier company TNT have accepted responsibility for the loss and despite a search that has lasted for almost a month (since JUNE 9th) the device is yet to be found.

The disk contained extremely sensitive information, including phone numbers, address details, however, there is no major concern at present as the device was fully encrypted and passwords were required to access it - let us hope that the encryption and password are both secure, details are not available at this time, however, a statement from the Ambulance Service yesterday read, “Given the security measures and the complex structure of the database it would be extremely difficult to gain access to any meaningful information.”

14 Years, 1 Day, 5 Hours, 55 Minutes ago.
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