My Hard Drive Has A Mechanical Fault - Can I Fix It Myself?

We often get calls from customers trying to save money, asking if it is possible to fix their computer problems themselves. The answer is that yes it is possible if you have the right tools and a clean / dust-free room, however even if you are not an expert you will sometimes find that fixing an issue yourself will result in costing you more money in the long-term.

 A regular question we are asked is if customers can fix the mechanical faults on the hard-drives themselves, our response is as follows;

It is possible for you to fix mechanical faults yourself on your hard-drive, the first thing to do is to track down, remove and replace the faulty component within the hard drive. Sounding pretty simple?

In theory it is pretty simple, you just need to find the fault and fix it, but if you do not have access to a ‘clean room’ then you could result in causing more damage and eventually loosing your data permanently.

Let’s look at a scenario that could result in you loosing all your data;

You open up the hard drive in your front room, you’re just vacuumed so it’s fairly dust free and you then find the faulty component and remove it. You then pop to your local store, buy the replacement and drive home and fit it – problem solved!

Not quite – when you opened the hard drive some dust particles got into the hard

drive and got stuck between the read / write head, your head has now crashed leaving it highly unlikely that you will get your data recovered again.

Sadly this now means you need to call in the experts to complete a hard drive recovery process and this will cost more than the original job would have cost to complete and it is less likely the data will be recovered.

If you’re looking to save money the best thing you can do is to call in the data recovery experts, they’ll be able to advise you on the best thing to do.

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