NAND Flash Identity Fraud In USB Memory Sticks

TRC Data Recovery have become aware of a number of 'fake' or counterfeit flash memory devices that have been permeating the market. Most of these devices herald from China and the far east and are sold on eBay or in bulk on sites such as Alibaba.

Most of these devices are impossible to distinguish from the originals, certainly so when they are sold on various internet sites with an image of the genuine item on which the memory device was based.

Often these devices appear to computer operating systems to be of the correct size and capacity due to relatively simple hacks to the partition table and boot sector, combined with cheap memory device storage controllers that are made to believe that the devices are of the correct capacity, however they are just as likely to report their true capacities, which is really dependent upon the source of the device.

It is not just USB Memory Sticks that are affected, Secure Digital (SD Cards) devices and Sony Memory Sticks (including Memory Stick Pro Duos especially) also seem to be victims of this 'NAND Flash identity fraud', whilst more expensive (and more importantly, difficult to cheaply produce) items such as mini and micro SD cards are much less likely to be faked.

In most cases TRC Data Recovery can still fully recover your data from these devices when they inevitably fail, for more information on this see our USB Memory Stick Recovery page or Contact Us straight away fro a free, no obligation quotation.

Using our unique direct NAND access recovery techniques, data is rarely left unrecovered from any kind of Flash memory based device, genuine or fake.

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