NAND Memory Chips And Data Recovery

USB Memory Sticks have proven to be a hugely popular means of portable data storage, backup and even main storage for small (though increasing) volumes of data.

Recovery of data is normally achieved quite quickly and efficiently by means of repairing the electronics of the device, which are almost exclusively the cause of failure.

It has come to our attention that many USB FLASH drives have a voltage regulator contained within the main controller chip, in cases such as these recovery becomes slightly more difficult.

Controller chips employ a technique known as wear levelling to ensure the longevity of the NAND chip. This essential process scrambles blocks on the NAND so that when read directly it is impossible to determine where the data on the device lies. Unfortunately manufacturers of these chips do not publish this information nor do they make it available to the data recovery industry.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have developed new techniques for recovery of these devices, these techniques work by matching a particular wear levelling algorithm to the one used by the failed controller chip, thus translating the block allocation of the NAND in such a way as to be able to read the contents (your data) directly.

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