New Hard Disk Areal Density Demonstrated By TDK

Researchers at TDK have set a new record for hard disk drive areal density. The new technique is an amalgamation of new platter technology supplied by Japanese chemical engineering firm Showa Denko K. K, and their own refined read write heads.

The Showa Denko Platters used in the demonstration were an advanced offering combining current perpendicular recording media with a technique known as Discreet Track Recording (DTR) as a superimposed layer on top.

The read/write heads that TDK have developed are a new smaller Tunneling Magneto-Resistance (TMR) head featuring a greatly improved magneto-resistance and low bond resistance.The density that has been achieved is 803Gb/in2, far higher than the upper limit of the technology that has been estimated by HGST (Hitachi), which came in at only 625Gb/in2.

Executives at TDK believe that the TMR head technology used in current read/write heads can stretch to an areal density as high as 1Tb/in2 before the emerging, and highly expensive CPP-GMR (Current Perpendicular to Plane Giant Magnetoresistance) technologies. CPP-GMR is likely to be the next evolution in hard disk drive recording technology.

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