New Laptop Drives From Hitachi...

Hitachi have announced the Travelstar 5K500.B mobile hard drive, featuring optional Bulk Data Encryption (BDE), industry-leading 500GB capacity, low power consumption and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Available in capacities from 120GB to 500GB the K500.B operates at 5400 RPM and comes in the 9.5mm format standard for 2.5" mobile hard drives. The encryption meets the Trusted Computing Group Storage Security specification and provides pre-boot authentication and multiple levels of access for user and administrative access. By virtue of its low power consumption, reduction in use of toxic materials, efficient packaging and transportation and low waste manufacturing processes have earned the new drives Hitachi's EcoTrack certification.

The hard drives will come with the following model number variants:

Standard Models

  • HTS545050B9A300
  • HTS545040B9A300
  • HTS545032B9A300
  • HTS545025B9A300
  • HTS545016B9A300
  • HTS545012B9A300

BDE Option Models

  • HTS545050B9A301
  • HTS545040B9A301
  • HTS545032B9A301
  • HTS545025B9A301
  • HTS545016B9A301
  • HTS545012B9A301

EA Models

  • HTE545050B9A300
  • HTE545032B9A300
  • HTE545025B9A300
  • HTE545016B9A300

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