Revealer software has been released as freeware by TRC Data Recovery Ltd

Read More » June 10, 2012

TRC Data Recovery Ltd are available for enquiries over the Easter Holidays in 2012, if you have lost data and need a recovery service call or email us today.

Read More » April 5, 2012

News of the latest 2.5" laptop form factor hard disk drive offerings from Hitachi...

Read More » March 12, 2012

Seagate Releases firmware fix for troubled 7200.11 hard drives...

Read More » March 7, 2012

TRC have developed technology to successfully recover your lost data from 3G and 1st Generation iPhone Devices...

Read More » March 7, 2012

Seagate announced last week that bare drive warranty will be cut from the current 5 years to 3 years...

Read More » March 6, 2012

Seagate recently announced a firmware fix for a series of 7200.11 drives, users data at risk...

Read More » March 6, 2012

LSI have completed the purchase of Infineon HDD Semiconductors and joined the Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group (ONFi)...

Read More » February 1, 2012

Welcome to TRC Data Recovery Ltd's new website

Read More » January 13, 2012

Recent events within the storage industry have pushed hard disk drive pricing to

Read More » January 12, 2012

Sandisk announce new X100 and Extreme SSD offerings into the market, will it pose problem for data recovery

Read More » January 11, 2012

A recent article on has urged home users and business to consider "doubling up" when they backup.

Read More » July 31, 2010

People who watch TV online and who don't currently own a TV set could find themselves charged a licence fee from next year.

Read More » July 26, 2010

Article on how the Ministry of Defence continues to suffer incidences of data loss.

Read More » July 24, 2010

Seagate is one hard drive manufacturer who haven’t released a line of consumer SSDs. However they have now issued a hybrid drive - a cross between flash and magnetic storage known as a solid state…

Read More » July 6, 2010

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have included a new telephone number 0207 1250 283, for the benefit of mobile phone users and those with inclusive call plans...

Read More » June 21, 2010

According to Acronis Inc and Vanson Bourne’s European survey 63% of businesses take a day or more to recover from system and server downtime, in the digital and 24/7 business environment we all work in,…

Read More » June 16, 2010

The lighting fast speed of USB3.0 and the massive storage space of 128GB is the new offering from Team Group Incorporation - the New X101 USB3.0 flash disk

Read More » June 10, 2010

The search engine giant has landed in hot water with the German authorities over the contents of one of the hard drives used by the Google Cars, which it has been said to have captured…

Read More » June 10, 2010

LaCie has just announced the latest addition to its Rugged family of mobile hard drives – the LaCie Rugged USB 3.0; with its unique and distinctive orange, life raft-esque award–winning design combined with the new…

Read More » May 5, 2010

Sony have announced that they are ceasing production of the 3.5" Floppy Disk after 30 years of production.

Read More » April 27, 2010

TRC's world leading ISO 3 rated Clean Room facility has passed its annual inspection test.

Read More » April 26, 2010

TDK Corporation announced the launch in April 2010 of the SHG2A series of half slim type solid state drive (SSD) modules. The new modules, which have a maximum capacity of 32 GB, are about one…

Read More » April 12, 2010

Western Digital is now transporting 750 GB of storage in a standard-height 2.5-inch notebook hard drive - the industry's largest volume up until now in this form.

Read More » April 8, 2010

News of Seagates release in the US - their first USB 3.0 hard disk drive

Read More » April 7, 2010
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