Revealer Version 2.0 Has Been Released!

Revealer has been updated to version 2.0 to include a feature requested by users over the past few months.

Set the User Library Folder to Visible on Lion and Mountain Lion

Apple took the decision with the release of Lion to change the default setting for the User Library folder ( ~/Library ) with the release of OS X Lion, 10.7. This behaviour continues in Mountain Lion too.

Getting access to the Library folder is by no means impossible, it can be achieved through a very simple Terminal command, but for those who do not wish to use the Terminal, Revealer is here to help.

There are now two tabs in the Revealer interface, one for the showing and hiding of all hidden files and folders on your Mac and the other, the latest one, for simply changing the hidden status of the ~/Library folder:

In addition to this we have fixed a tiny bug that was present in the version 1 releases. We are also aware that users of 10.6 were unable to launch the app.  Somehow Auto Layout became enabled, this is not supported by that OS and prevented Revealer from starting. All of these issues have now been resolved.

Getting Revealer V2.0

To get hold of Revealer V2.0, please visit our Software page, or use the link below:

Revealer Version 2.0

Just as before, Revealer is released under a Freeware license and is free for all to use and make the most of.

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