Rumours Of Fujitsu Entering Talks With Western Digital

TRC Data Recovery have heard numerous reports that Fujitsu is in talks with the worlds second largest hard disk drive manufacturer Western Digital.

Fujitsu have released a statement earlier today stating: "There was an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper today regarding Fujitsu’s hard disk drive business. This article is not based on information released by Fujitsu. At the current time, there is no factual basis for this media report."

The very wording of the above statement has led many to believe that a possible sale may well be on the cards. Western Digital have gone on the record as saying that they, as a company, do not comment on rumours.

Fujitsu no longer develops consumer 3.5" desktop hard drives following a huge (and now recognised) issue with the Fujitsu MPG series of hard disk drives which led to a boom in data recovery operations globally. Fujitsu's main hard drive concern now is in 2.5" notebook drives as well as Enterprise targeted 3.5" SCSI and FiberChannel hard disks.

Increasing pressure on the mobile hard drive market from the growth in Solid State storage technology, combined with reports that Fujitsu's hard disk drive business has been running at a loss for some time, are all fueling speculation. Western Digital may also benefit from Fujitsu's production capabilities.

The hard disk drive market has contracted considerably in the past 10 years with Maxtor absorbing Quantum, Seagate then buying Maxtor; further contraction will certainly reduce consumer choice.

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