Sameday 64GB Memory Stick Recovery Service

TRC Data Recovery have continued to develop their USB memory stick repair services and earlier today recovered successfully a 64GB Corsair "Voyager" Flash Drive that was brought to them by a customer from Kent for a sameday turnaround service level.

The device that is one of the ever increasing number of high capacity portable flash storage devices. In many cases they can hold significantly more data than many hard disk drives.

The customer travelled from Kent and brought the device into the TRC workshops with the specific intention of the data being recovered on a sameday turnaround. It's massive storage capacity meant that it contained 8 Flash NAND storage chips each with a capacity of 8GB with the data being striped across all 8 of these chips.

TRC were able to confirm to the customer within the morning that the device was recovered and they duly returned to the workshops to receive their recovered data pressed onto DVD's and also a new replacement Lexar Jumpdrive for future portable data storage and transfer.

13 Years, 1 Day, 13 Hours, 9 Minutes ago.
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