Samsung Announce 256GB SSD Drive

Korean hard disk drive manufacturer Samsung Electronics has announced the release of a new 256GB SSD (solid state disk) Flash hard drive.

The drive has a Serial ATA II (SATA II) interface, a slim 2.5" (laptop) profile of approximately 100 x 70 x 9.5mm and a claim of being the faster than your typical hard disk drive with a sequential read speed of 200MB/s and a write speed of 180MB/s, impressive figures indeed.

Other highlights include:

  • Only 0.9 watts power consumption whilst in use
  • Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of one million hours
  • Lower price than existing SSDs on the market

The device makes use of a process called multi-level cell (MLC) storage, whereby each FLASH storage cell can hold more than the traditional single bit. Multi-level storage allows for more densely packed data, offering more storage bits in the same form factor chip as single-level storage FLASH memory. Samsung has also indicated that thanks to this development, the cost of production has fallen. Whilst not divulging any real details on this, Samsung have described the cost of manufacture as being "considerably" lower than it was previously.

No prices for the new device are available at this time.

Old players in the SSD/Flash market, Intel and STEC are each projecting a release this year of their own high speed solid state devices to compete with Samsung's offerings.

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