Samsung Green Hard Disk Revealed

Consumer electronics and hard disk drive manufacturer Samsung Electronics have announced a new range of hard disk drives with capacities up to 1TB (terabyte). The largest drive (model HD103UI) is touted as the greenest 1TB hard disk drive on the market.

The drive is called the EcoGreen F1 and features the following:

  • 5400rpm spin speed
  • SATA II interface with transfer speeds of up to 3Gbps
  • Native Command Queuing
  • 32MB Cache

Whilst not overly impressive stats this drive is not aimed at the performance market, all marketing information makes it clear that the drive is purely an environmentally friendly choice.

In line with this Samsung offer the following stats:

15% more efficient than similar low powered 1TB hard disk drives
50% more efficient than standard 1TB hard disks

Unfortunately no further comparisons are given, we do not yet know how the drive will stack up performance wise against the competition, or indeed how long they will last before they require data recovery services. However if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint whilst maintaining a high capacity of storage, it would appear that the Samsung EcoGreen F1 offers the perfect solution to your needs.

Models include:

HD252HI 250GB
HD322HI 320GB
HD502JI 500GB
HD642JI 640GB
HD753LI 750GB

The drives should be with us before the end of Summer.

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