Seagate Announce First 1TB SAS Drive

Hard Disk manufacturer Seagate have today announced a world first in hard drive technology, the first 1TB SAS or Serial Attached SCSI hard disk drive, with the introduction of the ES.2 series of hard disk drives.

Details and further information can be found using the link below:

Serial Attached SCSI drives, used for high end and Enterprise storage offer faster data transfer speeds than current generation SATA drives and incorporate many Enterprise class enhancements that make them more suitable for high density storage arrays.

As such the price point of these drives comes in higher than SATA alternatives.OEMs expect to receive shipments of ES.2 series drives this quarter with commercial availability likely to be later in the year. TRC Data Recovery will provide a full review of these drives when they filter into the market.


Drives available in the ES.2 family are shown above, those ending in 'SS' are SAS drives, the 'NS' variants are standard SATA.

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