Seagate Cuts Warranty On Some Hard Drives

Seagate Technologies announced on Friday that warranties of their 'bare drives', those provided to distributers, willbe cut from 5 years to 3 years.

Apparently hard drives provided to companies like Dell, Apple and other big name computer manufacturers will be subject to special arrangements, arrangements that are as yet unconfirmed.

Seagate have said that at least for the time being the 5 year warranty will remain for their Consumer products, other retail products and Seagate's enterprise offerings.

Seagate have released a statement, a portion of this can be read below:

"Our current 5-year limited warranty will remain in place for consumer retail products as well as for enterprise-class hard drives, and we will now provide our distributor customers with a 3-year limited warranty for all other hard drives.

Based on our data, we know that 95% of all returns take place during the first three years, so by offering a 3-year warranty - which is in line with the rest of the industry - we can make other aspects of our customer support and warranty programs more attractive with negligible impact to customer product return needs.

The 3-year limited warranty on notebook, desktop and consumer electronics bare drives offers new advantages and enhancements to the business proposition for our channel customers while improving cost efficiencies for Seagate. We expect little, if any change for consumers since hard drives used in computer systems and other devices are covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty."

Is this statement a realisation by Seagate that their drives are no longer as reliable as they once were?

TRC Data Recovery have certainly noticed a sharp increase in the number of Seagate hard disk drive problems in recent years, this could be due to less reliable products, less reliable new technologies, such as perpendicular recording, or it could be due to increased market share following the Seagate acquisition of Maxtor.

Given that Seagate also have data recovery interests their recent moves seem unusual and certainly outside of general consumer interest.

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