Seagate Firmware Fix Does Not Help To Recover Lost Data

In a recent news article we informed our readers of a firmware fix that had been issued by Seagate for a number of drives in their 7200.11 range. The previous article can be found here.

Having tested the firmware release on a number of supported drives TRC Data Recovery have found that it does not resolve an issue whereby user data becomes innacessible and the drive hangs in a BUSY state permanently.

The firmware released by Seagate is targetted at specific hard drives, namely those with SD04 and SD14 firmware versions. The release is also only intended for drives that use only part of their available cache and does not provide a fix for the hanging BSY, not recognised in the Bios issue.

Attempting to run this firmware upgrade on any Seagate hard disk that does not have the specific firmware stated will not resolve any other kind of issue, whilst the software should gracefully decline to run, attempting to do so or experimenting is not recommended as results cannot always be predicted.

If you have lost access to your Seagate 7200.11 hard disk drive and require your data back TRC Data Recovery can help. We offer Seagate 7200.11 Data Recovery services that can help you to recover your lost data following firmware corruptions and other problems that may lead to data loss.

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