Seagate Issue Hybrid - Momentus XT

Unlike some Hard Drive manufacturers Seagate have, until now steadfastly refused to enter the SSD market. However, perhaps sensing they may get left behind, they have recently released a sort of Hybrid Drive combining both flash and magnetic storage. The SSHD Drive or Seagate Momentus XT combines a standard HDD spindle and introduces flash and pattern recognition software to boost the drive performance.

In recent tests carried out by the drive supasses the performance of its predecessor the Momentus 7200.4 and is recommended as a notebook drive of some note. It looks pretty much as a standard magnetic HDD does with removeable PCB. The drive will claim Seagate give reliable and speedy performance in areas such as loading the system, playing games and opening the same programme.

Seagate have made use of the 4GB of flash memory with new technology "Adaptive Memory". An algorithm runs continuously to identify the patterns of the data on the drive itself, this then moves the most frequently accessed information to flash memory for recall. This process makes the recall of the data quicker than if it was calling it from the platter, in this way performance is more tailored and enhanced for the user.

The new series of drives are priced at $113 to $156 and are issued in storage capacities of 250 / 320 and 500GB making them a perfect laptop / notebook hard disk.

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