Seagate Release USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive - BlackArmor PS 100

Seagate have released their BlackArmor PS 100 portable hard disk drive which is their first USB 3.0 storage device. The drive boasts and impressive array of features and specifications and latest statistics suggest that 25GB of movie data can be written to the drive in just over 4 minutes representing a significant improvement of data transfer speeds. Under the old USB 2.0 the same amount of data would have taken an extra ten minutes to fully copy over.

Additional features of this drive include-

  • Automatically backs up your entire system including files, programs, operating system and settings
  • Protects backed up files with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Restores your files—even your entire system—to a previous point in time with included SafetyDrill+™ recovery software (Bare Metal Restore)
  • Features a “Try & Decide” tool that lets you try out new programs and different system settings before making them live—without affecting your system, or endangering your files

Presently the drive is only retailing in the US and is available in a storage capacity of 500GB. The current retail price is $150.

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