Seagate Sue Solid State Manufacturer

Seagate Technology LLC, certainly the largest name in conventional spinning platter storage, and also the biggest player in the storage market as a whole has filed a suit against a rising name in the Solid State Drive (SSD) market, STEC Inc (formerly Simple Tech).

The complaint centres around four, as yet undisclosed, alleged patent enfringements dating from 2002 - 2006 and relating to both Seagate and Maxtor owned patents. Details, whilst a little thin on the ground, point to issues raised with error correction technologies as well as drive - computer interactions.

STEC, a company from Santa Ana, California have issued statements that they believe that Seagate's claims are "completely without merit" and "motivated by competitive concerns".

Should the case be upheld it may hold far reaching implications for STEC and furture innovation within the SSD market, we will keep you updated as to any progress within the case.

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