Space Shuttle Explosion Hard Drive Data Recovered

The contents of a failed hard drive that survived the unimaginable; plummeting to the earth from space, an explosion and the resulting impact as it hit the earth have been released. The hard drive was aboard the ill fated space shuttle Columbia that exploded during reentry in 2003.

The 400MB Seagate hard disk drive contained data from Critical Viscosity of Xenon (CVX-2) experiment, a study of how xenon gas flows in a micro-gravity environment. Most of the results were downloaded directly whilst the shuttle was in orbit, however, the results were only useful in their entire form. Whilst the data was recovered some time ago it is only now that the results have been released to the public.

Unfortunately we at TRC Data Recovery cannot claim to be responsible for the recovery, it was performed by a branch of Ontrack Data Recovery in Minneapolis, USA. Still as it serves as an example of what is possible within our industry and as such is deserving of mention.

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