Student Finishes Thesis Thanks To TRC

A Student at Sheffield University suffered from a nightmare scenario when his hard drive failed - just as he was about to start printing off his coursework in order to submit his final thesis! The student who was studying architecture immediately sought help from TRC. The drive was rushed to the TRC main lab facility where it was diagnosed within 5 minutes of arrival.

The drive was one of the notorious Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 range and had developed not only a firmware corruption but also areas of degradation.  These drives have developed a reputation for unreliability – however the student was not even aware of the hard disk drive make inside his Freecom External Storage Drive.

TRC technicians reassured the student that the data could be recovered and that provided the degraded areas on the drive platter surfaces were not degraded beyond a certain point then a quick turnaround could be possible. A 24 hour extension for his thesis submission was arranged and the following day he was able to return to the TRC lab and collect his recovered data transferred onto a new external hard drive.

He at once returned home to start the process of printing out his relevant documents for submission.

TRC would like to reassure all Students that as well as unrivalled facilities and quick turnaround times TRC operate a discount scheme for any person whom is either a student or connected to either of the Universities in Sheffield, or indeed nationwide. Please ask for details when contacting us.

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