Testimonial: Western Digital Hard Disk Failure

Mr Bell contacted TRC after losing access to a usable iMac as well as his valuable data following an attempt to upgrade his version of Mac OS X from 10.9 Mavericks to OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The install operation failed mid-way and Mr Bell did not have a backup of the data that was stored on the hard drive.

Recovery of a Western Digital WD1001FALS from an Apple iMac

Problem: Failed OS upgrade destroyed the file system

Recovery Type: Mac OS X data recovery, HFS + recovery

Result: 100% Recovery of client's lost data

Process: Cloning of medium, file system logical reconstruction, data extraction, client verification, copying of recovered data to a return media device

Result: 100% Recovery of client's lost data

Time to recover: 3 days - standard service level

Mr Bell's first step was to contact Apple directly but was informed that they were unable to help beyond the replacement of the failed hard disk drive within his iMac, repair and/or recovery were not possible at the Apple store. Following some research online, our customer researched online for data recovery services in Sheffield.

I found a number of potential service providers but chose TRC because their Web pages gave a clear explanation of what they could do and gave some assurance about costs.

After the initial communications with some helpful members of the team, who explained the recovery process in a non-technical way, our client decided to go ahead with the standard 5-7 day service.

Once the recovery was completed, an interactive file listing was produced using our unique ValiData recovery verification software for Mac OS X and sent to our customer showing a full recovery of the data. After a few problems accessing some of the data, our team gave help and advice so that our customer could access their important photos as soon as possible.

I got all my data recovered and returned back very quickly even though it was fast approaching the Christmas break. TRC do what they promise and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

G.Bell: A very satified customer of a recovery of a Western Digital hard drive

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