Testimonial: Seagate 200GB SATA Hard Disk Recovery

We were contacted regarding a 3.5" 200GB Seagate Hard Disk Drive that had stopped working. It span up normally but there was no access to the data.

A diagnosis of the disk made it clear the disk was suffering from degraded media, a common and unfortunately inevitable fault with all mechanical hard disks. This can often happen without any indication the disk is about to fail, but can in some instances manifest itself by way of a performance reduction, sometimes as the fault of the operating system or even data being apparently available but inaccessible, the files/folders appear but you cannot access them.

TRC managed to get a full recovery from a grateful customer:

After my computer crashed, it took a while for me to realise that the possibility of getting my huge collection of images back was looking bleak - my hard drive was proving impossible to fathom by everyone I asked. I then contacted TRC who were clear, courteous and very efficient in informing me on their progress of (successfully!) recovering my data. I was extremely happy with the service which I now realise is a highly specialised one. Thank you - it was a huge joy and relief to get everything back safely."
J Wratten (Sheffield, South Yorkshire)

The lost data from this type of failure is normally perfectly recoverable, if you have a disk displaying these characteristics contact us any time the quotes are free and no obligation.

Remember: You only pay us, if we recover your lost data!

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