Testimonial: Unbranded 4GB USB Memory Stick Recovery

TRC were asked to retrieve lost data from a failed USB memory stick. This stick had simply stopped working unexpectedly and without any kind of prior warning.

After diagnosing the failed stick, it became clear that the micro controller had failed completely and a repair would not be possible. With the priority being retrieval of the lost data, it was obvious to us that a direct recovery from the flash memory chips would be required.

By carefully removing the flash memory chip and reading its contents using our flash read technology, we were quickly and efficiently able to produce a full recovery for our client. By performing a read of the chip using our hardware solutions we were able to extract an image of the device; this image then required a rebuild specific to the controller type utilised by the stick.

This rebuild involved a process of error correction across the entire dump (to resolve any bit errors encountered during the read of the chip), followed by a removal of the manufacturer's XOR obfuscation and wear levelling algorithms.

A full recovery of this device was quickly achieved and a very happy customer had the following to say:

You offered tailored service to my needs, communication was important for me and kept me briefed and was happy with this arrangements. You did recover the information and you were honest about my expectations.
A Kassim: After a successful recovery of lost data from a 4GB memory stick

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