Toshiba Announce New 1.8 Hard Disk

Toshiba Storage Device Division has announced the release of another in its line of small form factor hard drives aimed at consumer electronics and ultra-portable notebook computers.

Toshiba hard disk drives have long been the sole supplier of small form factor hard disk devices for consumer products such as the Apple iPod, however in recent years their adoption in Sony Camcorder devices and other small form factor electronic devices has been noted.

The drives model numbers are as follows:


The MK1617GSG is a dual platter 160GB 1.8 inch, 5400 rpm hard drive and the MK8017GSG is a single platter version with similar specification.

Both drives feature a micro-SATA connector interface running at 1.5Gb/s rather than the ZIF ATA (Zero Insertion Force) connectors that have been used in recent generations.

Toshiba have been producing drives in the 1.8" form factor since early this decade and dominates the market for spinning platter storage in this form factor with the only real competition coming from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST).

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