TRC Data Recovery Ltd Set To Double Capacity For Data Recovery

With a meteoric growth in 2008 , the team at TRC Data recovery have been pleased to welcome many IT Professionals from around the UK and EU to their growing list of professional data recovery partners.

Many data recovery resellers and IT Professionals have made enquiries, sent in jobs for a no obligation quote or received a second quote and have signed up as an TRC Data Recovery Partner which as one recent new partner said "had been a real eye opener" to how much he could save his customer and still make a handling fee to help cover his time assisting his customer"

Any businesses needing emergency assistance with their servers , tape backup or external storage will be pleased to hear that TRC Data Recovery Ltd are only 5 months into 2008 and are already going to double their capacity yet again as more and more companies , students, home users and a growing list of data recovery resellers have shown that the class 1 / ISO 3 clean room, server raid specialists and hard drive rebuilds / repair services have been a great success.

Home users and students have also benefited from this high capacity data recovery facility located in the center of the UK and serving the whole of the country offering all NUS members a 10% discount on all labour including repair and data recovery of memory sticks and photo / phone flash memory cards.

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