TRC Data Recovery Ltd Use Nitrogen Centrifuge.

During the flood in Sheffield in 2007 the contamination of servers /pcs /ma and laptops caused sever to employers / employees and business disruption, even an TRC Data Recovery Ltd co - Director lost her car to the flood.

Luckily we were still able to help most of them.

Our MAIN operations are based on the second floor of Security House but the downstairs toilets and meeting room did not fair so well.

As part of disaster planning all power is to the site has been upgraded with generator backup to the substation, UPS to the entire network and recovery stations, and of course complete UPS protection to both server centres as well as ups to every individual pc.

However the detritus left behind after fire or flood presents new challenges in the cleaning of hard drives and other media, in preparation for data recovery without incurring further risk of damage to the drive mechanics or electronics.

So how to do you stop contaminated water / ethanol from from being used ? ... just don't !

How :-

1)TRC DR are one of only a few Data recovery companies to use hand held X-ray units for the elemental analysis of the dirt prior to any work flood damaged drives being cleaned.
2)The verteq nitrogen centrifuge is used to lift any sludge or chemical contamination without the need for water based or ethanol emulsifiers producing volumes of contaminated cleaning fluids which then need to be further processed to for safe disposal.

This yet again shows the young company is thinking ahead in its methodology and approach to the successful recovery of data from drives which have been submerged in Salt Water, Foam, Chemical immersion, efflouent or industrial waste .

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