TRC Maintains ISO 3 Rating For Clean Room

TRC Data Recovery Limited are delighted to inform their customers and resellers that they have seen their clean room facility maintain (and improve) on its ISO 3 rating. The annual testing which took place in February 2009 saw the particle density per m3 lowered to just 11 microns which sees the clean room within sight of an ISO 2 rating.

It is TRC's goal to try and achieve this rating in time for the 2010 annual testing.

Why is an ISO 3 rating so important for hard disk drive repairs and rebuilds?

It is particularly important to maintain the lowest particle density, per m3, as possible when opening these larger capacity hard drives (250GB, 500GB, 1TB 1.5TB). Because the old class 100 rating does not sufficiently filter out airborne particles that can affect the continually decreasing surface area of the read write heads of a hard drive, we advise all consumers to check that any data recovery company they wish to use has current clean room certification.

TRC aims to attain the even more stringent ISO 2 rating by 2010 which will further enhance our class leading ability to recover drives that other labs cannot. Beware of the fed209e scale which includes the defunct class 100 rating was phased out in 2004. This has now been replaced by the ISO scale because of the ever stringent requirements of clean air filtering required for larger capacity hard drives. This is particularly important as drive capacities pass 500GB and head towards 6TB.

Our clean room certificate can be viewed and downloaded from our Lab Facility page.

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