Understanding Hard Disk Model Numbers | Hitachi

Model numbers on hard disk drives are often long and, for most, fairly meaningless. However this number printed on the front of your hard drive usually provides clues to exactly what type of hard drive you have.

In most cases hard drive model numbers tell you the capacity of the device, the rotational speed of the motor, the interface type and speed and much more. Often the model number is all that is required to understand the type of drive that you have.

Knowing the model number of your particular drive can also prove handy when you have experienced hard drive failure requiring Data Recovery Services. Even if you know very little about the drive, TRC's experienced engineers should know all about the drive given this information.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have provided a breakdown of current Model Number Structure used by Hitachi's HGST drive department, this :

HTS545050B9A300 = 500GB, SATA 3Gb/s

H = Hitachi
T = Travelstar
S = Standard (vs E for Enhanced availability)
54 = 5400 RPM
50 = Full capacity — 500GB
50 = Capacity this model, 50 = 500GB (40 = 400GB, 32 = 320GB, 25 = 250GB, 16 = 160GB, 12 = 120GB)
B = Generation code 9 = 9.5mm (the height of the hard drive)
A3 = Interface - in this case SATA 3Gb/s
0 = Reserved by the manufacturer
0 = Feature code,
0 = None - in this series a 1 indicates that the drive supports Bulk Disk Encryption, this can have a different meaning for different generations and families of hard disk drive.

TRC Data Recovery provide data recovery services from all Hitachi drives including the Travelstar range, the Deskstar range and also from HGST's small form factor and Enterprise lines. 

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