USB 3.0 Flash Pen Drive By Team Group

With the lighting fast speed of USB3.0 and the massive storage space of 32GB to 128GB the New X101 USB3.0 flash disk from Team Group Incorporation who specialise in the manufacture of memory modules, USB disks and digital flash memory, the X101 is the first signs of change to the flash media market and technology - as the speed and size of flash media is increasing.

With the transfer speed of 5GB per second the X101 is 10x faster than current USB2.0 devices making the whole process of transferring your collection of movies, photos, music and data, more reliable and a whole lot faster.

The design of the X101 has been well though-out, striking colours (matt black with bright orange indented elements and glossy white with burgundy indents) with sleek round corners all designed around usability and fashionable design. The X101 has a “no-cap-loss” design, which means the device has a moulded end which you can click the cap on while the device is in use.The X101 is 100% RoHS-compliant and ultra light, weighing in at just 18 grams making it to keep all your important data with you all the time. The X101 supports multiple operating systems and even comes with a lifetime warranty covered by Team Group.

As will all types of media devices they are prone to drive failure – this is usually down to a “controller” issue or electronic fault thus rendering the drive inaccessible to the average personal computer. The team at TRC Data Recovery have a dedicated and specialised systems for dealing with this exact problem, so if you are struggling to get your data back from a damaged, accidentally formatted or deleted USB device please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 2002 845 or fill out our contact form for a no obligation quote.

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