Western Digital Caviar Black Announced

Western Digital have announced the impending release of a new line of performance hard drives under the Caviar Black moniker. There are two hard disk drives scheduled for release in the next week, the headliner is the 1 TB WD1001FALS there is also a 750GB version with the WD7501AALS model.

Western Digital claims that both drives offer industry leading performance and is targeting the power desktop user with this latest offerings.

Both the WD1001FALS and the WD7501AALS each offer the following features:

High Capacity
Dual Processor technology
32 MB cache
7200 RPM motor speed

Also of particular relevance to the data recovery industry is the ramp loading mechanism that securely stores the read/write heads of the drive off of the platter surface when the drive is idle or powered down.

Technology such as the ramp loading mechanism has long been a feature of both Hitachi drives and also every 2.5" laptop form factor hard drive produced in the last 10 years.

Ramp loading reduces the wear and tear on both the drive's heads and the platter surface by creating a system whereby the heads only move over the platter surface when the platters are spinning at sufficient speed to maintain the air bearing. This reduces failures due to contact of parts and makes the successful rebuild of a failed hard disk drive that little bit simpler.

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