Western Digital First To The 2TB Post

Earlier this week Western Digital announced a first in desktop storage with the release of their 2TB hard disk drive.

The drive is the latest and third generation of WDs line of cool and quiet WD Caviar Green range.

The new drive features an industry leading capacity achieved through the use of four platters and eight read/write heads, making a total capacity of 500GB per two sided platter, equating to a total areal density of 400 Gb/in2, achieved through Western Digital's developments in perpendicular recording.

The hard disk also comes in capacities of 500GB, 640GB, 750GB, 1TB and 1.5TB, with either 16MB or 32MB cache. All drives in the range feature a SATA II, 3Gb/s interface, all of which features, except for the capacity of the flagship 2TB device, are now the norm in the desktop hard disk drives.

The range will offer the following models of hard disk drive:

  • WD20EADS
  • WD15EADS
  • WD10EADS
  • WD10EAVS
  • WD7500AACS
  • WD7500AAVS
  • WD6400AACS
  • WD6400AAVS
  • WD5000AACS
  • WD5000AAVS

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