Which? Way Do I Protect My Data?

Consumer magazine Which? Computing has made the news lately following a careless statement about disposing of hard disk drive data:

Following on from the purchase of a number of drives on auction site eBay, Which? Computing were able to successfully recover data that had been deleted from eight different hard disk drives, tens of thousands of files that had been removed by a standard deletion, format, or re-installation of the operating system were recovered using standard data retrieval software that is commercially available.

So how do you prevent your valuable data from being accessed when you dispose of your computer? Well according to Which?, a method of disposing of hard disk drive data certain to render the files stored upon it unrecoverable is......Hitting it with a hammer!

This statement strikes us, at TRC Data Recovery, as being a little odd. Firstly, the statement suggests that said hammer attack on your hard drive is a quantifiable and measurable security procedure, however, the statement is too scant on fact to be reassuring, we still don't know where, how and with what force, to ensure complete data erasure.

Secondly, Which? seem to have missed out on something here, how do they prove this?When we at TRC offer Data Elimination services, we follow procedures that have been researched, tested, implemented and proven independently, Which? however, appear to be validating their own claims - a risky business indeed!

TRC believe that Which? have shown a distinct lack of proper research, there statements are ridiculous, and to the unwitting reader may present a severe security risk...

...TRC Data Recovery are expertly placed to make such a claim following the successful, full recovery of a hard disk drive that had been maliciously attacked with a hammer in September 2007. Hard disk drive chassis are milled out of solid metal, they are designed to resist a certain shock and if the platter is not completely destroyed by the hammer blows, we are testament to the fact that the data can be successfully recovered.

So how do you remove your data from a hard drive permanently?

A: All modern operating systems have software available that can random pattern fill the disk or certain files numerous times, Mac OS X has this ability built into its Disk Utility application, Microsoft Windows has a plethora of free and commercially available options for secure data erasure, as do Linux and Unix based systems. There is really no need to physically destroy a working, relatively expensive item, especially when doing so prevents any manner of independent validation!

If you really need to recycle your computer, and are worried about the security of doing so, cantact TRC Data Recovery for free advise - Don't take risks with your data!

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