Why Back Up Data?

There are a lot of reasons why backing up data is important, whether it is on a PC or a laptop. Not creating regular backups or updating existing backups may result in complete or partial data loss.

Backups Protect You from Hardware Failure

Computers have come to a point where they are more reliable than ever. However, computer drives still crash, taking your data down with them. If you don’t back up your data and then you lose some files, you may have to seek for data recovery London.

Backups Protect You from Viruses

There are countless viruses out there waiting for your one wrong move. While some virus just slow down your computer, some can completely corrupt your data as well as the operating system. When your PC has become a slave of dangerous viruses, most technicians would advise you to wipe your drive clean and reinstall everything from scratch.

Backups Protect You from Theft

Burglars love stealing high-tech items because they get them more money, so whether it is your laptop or home computer, if a burglar sees it, he won’t leave it there. What would you do after your data has been stolen along with the computer? All those photos that you took on your child’s first birthday, your 10th wedding anniversary and other important memorable times of your life would be gone forever.  Burglary is unlikely but if it happened, losing your data would be more of a problem than losing the actual laptop or PC.

Backups Protect You from Accidental Deletion

Have you ever experienced an instance when your child has deleted some of your highly critical data? If not, you have no idea how bad it feels when such thing happens. However, it won’t be your child’s fault because this is something that could have been prevented! It is your job to keep a backup of the important stuff in order to make sure that when someone or even you yourself accidently delete your data, it can be retrieved.

All you have to do is to either arrange a backup device, such as an external hard drive, a memory card or a free online backup account. By doing so you would be able to keep your important photos, videos, documents and other data protected.

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