World First 1.5 TB Hard Disk Drive

Seagate have announced the release of the 7200.11 series of drives. The latest iteration of the flagship Barracuda is touted by Seagate as the single largest increase in hard disk capacity in the whole half century history of hard disk drives.

The previous highest capacity in a single 3.5" form factor came in the guise of 1 terabyte hard disk drives now common amongst all hard disk drive manufacturers.

The 7200.11 hard drive is the latest Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) hard drive from the world's leading hard disk drive manufacturer and comes in many capacities starting at a base model of 320GB. All drives feature a SATA II interface with Native Command Queuing and come in the following model variants:

  • ST3320613AS - the 320GB version
  • ST3500320AS - the 500GB version with a 32 MB Cache
  • ST3500620AS - the 500GB version with a 16 MB Cache
  • ST3640323AS - the 640GB hard drive offering
  • ST3750330AS - the 750GB version with a 32 MB Cache
  • ST3750630AS - the 750GB version with a 16 MB Cache
  • ST31000340AS - the 1 TB version offered in only the 32 MB cache guise
  • ST31500340AS - the class leading 1.5 TB version

The 7200.11 is aimed at mainstream applications such as desktop computers, workstations and external storage such as FireWire and USB devices.

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