Packaging electronic Media for Shipping to TRC Data Recovery

Whether sending your failed media to TRC data recovery directly or if TRC have arranged for a courier to collect your failed device(s) from you, it is necessary to ensure that all items are packaged in a manner that will help to prevent further harm from coming to them.

Before packing your device please fill out our Data Recovery Submission form and ensure that it is included inside the package. This step is important to ensure that once your device has reached us there are no delays to the recovery process.

Items that you will need:

  • An Anti Static bag (if available)
  • Sturdy box at least twice the size of your failed device
  • Bubble Wrap or foam packaging
  • Parcel tape An Address Label - this can be found on page 2 of our:
  • Data Recovery Submission form

Please DO:

  • Start by placing your failed media within the anti-static bag (if available). 
  • Wrap the bagged devices at least 4 times all of the way around the device
  • Line the box with foam packaging material or a further 4 layers of bubble wrap
  • Ensure that the hard disk drive is securely placed in the middle of the package with little to no free room around it - if free space exists, please fill this space with more bubble wrap, foam or crunched up paper.
  • Seal the box using the parcel tape
  • Ensure that a return address is visible on the outside of the box
  • Tape the cut-out address label to the top of the box in a clear and unobstructed location

Please DO NOT:

  • DO NOT Use Foam peanuts
  • DO NOT Use only shredded or scrunched paper products to package the drive
  • DO NOT Use only a padded envelope - particularly for heavy items like hard disk drives
  • DO NOT Leave Hard Disk Drives loose in a box without any padding or shielding

It is extremely rare that any devices reach TRC Data Recovery in a worse state than when they left the client, by following the directions above you can ensure that this does not happen in your case. Spending a few extra minutes ensuring that a drive is properly packaged prevents unexpected charges for the repair of shipping damages once the drive arrives with us.

If you require more information about packing your device, or would like to talk to someone who can clarify best practices for both packaging and shipping procedures, please call now on 0800 955 3282, or alternatively reach us on our Contact Form so that we can call you back.

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