TRC Data Recovery offer an attractive discount structure that allows you to simply add Data Recovery as a service offering through your business, whilst being able to accurately and confidently quote prices to your own client base.

How we charge for Data Recovery

At TRC we quote a fixed price in advance for any work that we carry out, in the vast majority of cases (over 95% of cases), we offer our No Recovery - No Fee policy. This policy carries over to our partners and resellers. Prior to taking payment we provide a white label recovery approval app which shows the end user the data that has been retrieved. So your customers also get to see their data before they are asked to pay for the recovery.

How to Price Data Recovery Work

To keep things simple TRC Data Recovery classify data loss problems into 4 categories:

  • Logical
  • Non-invasive recovery
  • Clean room recovery
  • Flash memory recovery

When you sign up as a partner with TRC Data Recovery you get access to our Reseller App and support materials which guide you through the quotation process and instantly tell you the cost to you, our partner, as well as our standard RRP.

Complete Flexibility

Whilst TRC quote a price and our own RRP, our partners are free to handle their own price structure. We place no limits on the final price that you quote your own clients.

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